The COVID Literacy Project is a COVID-response project intended to supplement in-school learning and bridge the learning loss induced by school shutdowns. Every month, we release a learning toolkit. Each toolkit comprises of an animated video and an activity sheet that corresponds to the topics covered in that video.

Statement Of the Problem

  • Literacy Gap Due to COVID

    Extended quarantine has resulted in learning loss for students, most severely impacting elementary school students as they lost on valuable irreplaceable instruction time. During the 2020 Spring Semester, teachers especially struggled to modify their pedagogy and curriculum per the unprecedented circumstances in such short notice.
  • Inadequate Affordable Resources to Ameliorate Literacy Gap

    Due to COVID19, many parents have experienced some sort of financial instability. This is especially concerning when several schools have struggled to relay curriculum in a timely and efficient manner to students during the last semester. Private tutors, established tutoring/coaching businesses that encourage reading and writing are not necessarily affordable by everyone, especially now as many families face budgeting issues with rising unemployment, pay-cut, and furlough rates.

    As per the American Psychological Association, literacy gap in elementary school children can be linked to their socioeconomic status or the ability to afford facilities that provide up-to-par literacy skills enhancing opportunities.

Why The Learner’s Toolkit?

  • The video lessons are hosted publicly on Youtube, which means they are available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, at no cost.
  • Unlike Live Workshops, these videos are a permanently available resource.
  • The availability of the learner’s toolkit online adheres to COVID19 safety standards.
  • Each video is accompanied with a worksheet, which means that students can actively apply the skills they learn in that video.